@HOSTPLUS finds Bernie on FB! Last month, @HOSTPLUS sent a cheeky tweet to its 404 followers: HOSTPLUS: “We’re having a giggle about this fanpage we just found on facebook…” Clicking through on the link provided, @investmentmag – Investment Magazine’s presence on Twitter – was directed to the Facebook page of ‘Industry Super Funds guy’, featuring the trademark headshot of Bernie Fraser and some details about his promotion of the profit-for-members sector. Giggles aside, @investmentmag was impressed by the super fund’s tweet about something other than a news or product update – emphasising the ‘social’ in social media – in its efforts to connect with members. Poor Bernie, however, only had seven friends at presstime. We urge our readers to have their children teach them about social media, log on to Facebook and give the former RBA Governor a poke, or at least write on his wall.

DST chief up there with dartboard All of Ian Mathieson’s years in the backoffice have taught him a thing or two about what goes on up front, if his showing in The Sun- Herald’s ‘Shares Race’ over March and April is anything to go by. Starting with a hypothetical $100,000, Mathieson’s 10 stockpicks were worth $105,326 at the close of play. However, in a reminder that the ASX is just the thinking man’s casino, first place went to the portfolio selected by Dartboard with $106,566. Still it was a relative triumph for the DST Global Solutions CEO, who said he was “very proud that I easily outperformed the market for the period and in fact, on an annualised basis, the return was over 60 per cent”. “If I could do that for a sustained period, I could give up my real job!” Mathieson was doubly chuffed that he’d beaten a couple of financial gurus, including Fairfax’s finance boffin David Potts, who’s been reporting on the financial world for some decades.

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