Funds managers looking to capitalise on renewed interest in scientific investing, inspired in part by the buzz around the boutique being established by former BGI global chief investment officer Morry Waked, have lead to the formation of a new executive search group with a speciality in finding quants.

The managing director of financial services recruiter Primary Asset Consulting, David Dawson, said the momentum created by the BGI reunion known as Vinva Asset Management had lead to increased enquiries from other managers looking to boost their quant capabilities.

In response, Primary has entered a partnerhip with eQuant Consulting, a shop run by recruitment industry veteran Roy Stapleton, which specialises in finding quantitative analysts across the buy- and sell-sides.

Stapleton and a researcher he employs have joined the Primary Asset Consulting group on an earn-in basis, with Dawson saying money would change hands for eQuant after 12 months, subject to performance hurdles.

The group has also engaged Greg Kirk, a former chief executive of Genesys Group and managing director of AMP Financial Planning, as its first non-executive director. Kirk was a client of Primary Asset Consulting during his tenure at both those organisations.

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