A former senior multimanager executive from IOOF has become the managing director of CPG Research & Advisory, replacing Simon Ibbetson at the asset consultancy.

Jake Jodlowski, the former general manager of investments at United Funds Management, has assumed the role at CPG and will also become the chief operating officer of its parent, Sigma Alpha International.

The veteran of United FM, which was owned by Australian Wealth Management, agreed to serve out a transitional period following AWM’s late-2008 merger with IOOF, which resulted in former Telstra Super executive Steve Merlicek being introduced as chief investment officer for the combined group.

Simon Ibbetson is understood to be on ‘gardening leave’ until January and was unavailable for comment yesterday.

The managing director of Sigma Alpha International, Graham Morrow, said two other investment analysts had also joined the firm, which is building implemented consulting platforms based on CPG research.

He said further acquisitions were in the offing for Sigma Alpha. The “first port of call” for capital to fund them would be the Kinghorn family, he said, whom he confirmed remained committed to their 60 per stake in the business. Morrow owns a further 35 per cent.

CPG Research & Advisory is owned 58 per cent by Sigma Alpa International and 42 per by the WA Local Government Super Plan.


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