For all the words we typed on the Cooper Review this year, the most popular stories on I&T News were once again those which might lead the reader to a new job, or a new mandate.

This year’s popularity contest was won by a humble little story we broke about the Commonwealth Bank’s Officer’s Super Fund looking for its first CEO. Perhaps a few nervous CEOs of smaller funds clicked it multiple times to get it over the line. In any event, the job ended up going to former AAS executive Doug Carmichael, with stalwart Gerard Parlevliet staying with the fund as chief investment officer.

Another CIO was the subject of a high ranking exclusive story, when Tim Hughes cut off his long association with Catholic Super, in preference for a role running investments at the Non-Government Schools scheme. Along similar similar lines, the head of portfolio construction at JANA Investment Advisors, Evan Reedman, created big interest when we reported his move to Queensland Investment Corporation, to team up with former QSuper investment chief Michael Drew in developing lifecycle investment products.

A lot of traffic for (the home of I&T News) was also created by our story lifting the lid on Bank of New York Mellon’s plan to buy a chunk of National Asset Servicing, its long-term custody partner in Australia. Following that June story, NAB confirmed serious talks were happening, but alas no deal has come to light as yet.

Another big rater was our February story revealing the financial travails of the Motor Trades Association of Australia, following the withdrawal of its NSW member organisation the previous November, adding to earlier pull-outs from Victoria and Queensland. The MTAA eventually put itself back together, however its controversial contract to provide a secretariat for MTAA Super is no more.

All in all, another busy year so now it’s time for a break. There will be no I&T News next Tuesday December 28th, but we’ll be back on Tuesday January 4th. Happy holidays to you and yours.



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