Many people would like to think that super fund trustees are reliable. That they, figuratively speaking, are people who each have “a safe pair of hands”. After attending a recent industry conference on the Gold Coast, it would seem that Steve Mathwin, investment committee chair of NGS Super, meets this description. In an informal cricket game among the formal conference sessions, Mathwin was fielding at point while Matthew Hayden, former Australian test batsmen and guest speaker at the event, prepared to face his first ball. From behind the crease, Hayden sent it flying to the NGS Super trustee.

“He fairly belted the ball,” Mathwin says. “He picked out the oldest man on the field and tried to put it through him. Bad luck.” Except from a few games of beach cricket, Mathwin has not played any games since his days on the green at Westminster School in Adelaide. However he caught Hayden for a golden duck. He still has the indoor cricket ball used in the game. On it, beneath Hayden’s signature, is an inscription reading: “To the best catch in business”. “The ball has gone straight to the pool room,” Mathwin says.

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