After 10 years of investors picking up pennies thinking that there is no risk in basis trades, the tide turns. Extreme market conditions are almost a daily occurrence, leading investors to question whether trend-following can still be a diversifier in this environment. Are there systems that survive this environment of V-shaped price patterns and heavy kurtosis?

Kathryn Kaminski, chief research strategist and portfolio manager, AlphaSimplex
Moderator: Alex Proimos, head of institutional content, Investment Magazine


Key Takeaways

  • There are changes to market structure taking place which include the ongoing growth of passive and systematic activity and the exuberance of retail trading accounts with zero transaction costs.
  • Government stimulus and emergency liquidity measures have created a temporary situation whereby underlying fundamentals are not driving recent equity market performance.
  • Assets such as commodities and currencies are likely to experience higher levels of dislocation since these do not receive the same level of central bank support.

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