Climate change and poor economic inclusion are two major challenges towards this objective. They both have a clear framework outlining the extent of the challenge and required action: the Paris Agreement, and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For the past three years we’ve presented white papers to the WEF putting forward recommendations for ways in which private capital can achieve the 17 SDGs1, while also outlining our own actions and pledges in that regard. This year, our focus turns to the aims of the Paris Agreement and the orderly transition toward a lower-carbon world.

The risks of climate change are an integral element of the duty of care that financial institutions have toward their clients and beneficiaries. That’s why this year’s paper focuses on one of the four global challenges to be discussed at Davos: ”How to address the urgent climate and environmental challenges that are harming our ecology and economy”.

You can read Becoming climate aware here.

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