Lionstone expects migration of people and firms to the “Hockey Stick” of America will be a primary characteristic of the 2020s. Millennials are facing many of the same challenges and opportunities their parents, the baby boomers, did, and are expected to make similar quality of life choices.

Truly, the COVID-19 world is turning a lot of things on their head. For example, the Stanley Cup championship final game was delayed until September. Just as odd, the two teams in the final, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Dallas Stars, represent places with no naturally occurring ice. However, while this all seems peculiar, it’s also the shape of things to come in the 2020s. Both cities are in the Hockey Stick region, where Lionstone believes population growth, especially among the highly productive people who drive the digital economy, will be strongest in the 2020s.

You can read Hockey stick growth in the 2020s here.

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