In episode 72, Alex Proimos speaks with Martyn Myer, the immediate past president, of The Myer Foundation and Alexis Cheang, partner and head of responsible investment of the Pacific region at Mercer.

In this episode, we gain an insight into the Myer Foundation and their journey towards 100% sustainable or responsible investing. We discuss the portfolio objective, structure, constraints and how it set up and how it makes decisions. We talk about the Myer Foundation’s responsible investment goals and their engagement with Mercer to identify and transition to responsible investment compliant funds across all asset classes. We also discuss whether market efficiency will erode ESG alpha, fundamental analysis and the role of active management for ESG investing. Finally, we wrap up the conversation talking about whether there are challenges or trade-off between the UN SDGs as we seek to increase economic growth, infrastructure but at the same time reduce the impact on the environment.

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