Leadership revisited

Last week I asked some tough questions and expectedly received some passionate responses. My question “where’s the Leadership?” was ultimately aimed at the broader industry and government rather than individual funds.
Investment Strategy

Vale David Adiseshan

My friend David Adiseshan died eight weeks ago. His death has impacted me deeply, and I wanted to share some thoughts on his life with people in the industry. Our lives had intertwined for two decades and his loss for both the industry, and myself, is great. I first met David in his fancy Governor […]

My memories of Mavis: Colin Tate

Colin Tate, the chief executive of Conexus Financial, remembers industry legend Mavis Robertson who died on Tuesday. As a young ad sales guy on the trade title Investor Weekly I was very unsure of how to take Mavis the first times we met. She was the formidable and seemingly dominating woman that knew everyone and […]