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The media and market confidence

While it’s difficult to find evidence of a direct relationship between economic growth and equity returns, it is possible to explain how news stories – such as those about economic growth – affect market sentiment. The importance of sentiment Market sentiment is the biggest driver of investment returns in the short-to-medium term. As investors, we usually […]
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What investors can learn
from Donald Bradman

Arguably there is no richer source of metaphors than sport. We admire the skill, effort, dedication and endurance of the contestants. Sport mirrors certain aspects of our lives. But what can investors learn from sport? In his 1958 book The Art of Cricket, Sir Donald Bradman writes about several important lessons for cricketers from which […]
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Is the price right?

The best way to forecast investment performance is to examine the returns implied in asset current prices, writes DANIEL GRIOLI, investment analyst at FuturePlus. 

Blend art with your investment science

The inability of quantitative measures of risk and volatility to prepare institutional investors for the financial crisis has sparked a renewed interest in the art of asset allocation, writes DANIEL GRIOLI of FuturePlus. In his book Capital Ideas, Peter Bernstein relates the story of how financial theories such as meanvariance optimisation, the capital asset pricing […]