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SMSFs need to
pay their share

In recent times we’ve heard a lot about the need for greater accountability and transparency in our superannuation system. With mandatory super contributions to be lifted from 9 to 12 per cent of wages and a global focus on governance in the wake of the global financial crisis, super funds are – quite rightly – having to […]

Cheques finally out

The super industry – one of the biggest generators of paper cheques in Australia – is about to get on board the e-commerce train. If all goes to plan, reforms are likely to require businesses to ditch their cheque books in favour of a new electronic superannuation payment system, named SuperStream. The reforms are part of […]
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Fired up over FoFA

With billions of dollars of fees and commissions at stake, it’s no surprise that the Government’s financial planning reforms have proven so divisive, writes FIONA REYNOLDS, CEO of the AIST. Even as the first tranche of the draft Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) legislation nears completion, debate rages over critical elements of the reform package. […]
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Where there’s fire, there’s smoke and mirrors

The loud cries from for-profit funds to open up awards are self-serving and neglect members’ interests, writes FIONA REYNOLDS, CEO of AIST. As the rollout of the first of the Stronger Super reforms begins, it appears that the next battleground in superannuation is emerging. There has been much clamour in recent weeks about default funds, […]