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Independence: how much
do we need?

Regular readers of this column would be well aware of the ongoing debate about the governance of superannuation. However, amid all the claims and counter claims about the merits of the various governance models that exist in our industry and the hysteria about unions “controlling” superannuation, some of the really important issues around board independence […]
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More than just a product

I was recently at an industry conference where changes to the default-fund system were discussed. Throughout the session, we heard about the impact on employers, insurers, funds and other providers but members – and what was best for them – didn’t rate a mention. In her recently published book, A Super History, Christine St Anne reminds us that super was conceived as policy with social […]
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SMSFs need to
pay their share

In recent times we’ve heard a lot about the need for greater accountability and transparency in our superannuation system. With mandatory super contributions to be lifted from 9 to 12 per cent of wages and a global focus on governance in the wake of the global financial crisis, super funds are – quite rightly – having to […]