QANTAS Super: the $6-billion fund

It’s not “rocket science,” says Anne Ward, but QANTAS Super has a set of six guiding principles that it believes is guiding good governance and improving fund performance. The QANTAS Super mission statement, said Ward, is to be a “fund of choice” for QANTAS employees and their families, and while, as corporate fund, it may […]

Tackling longevity risk in post-retirement

When thinking about the accumulation phase and post-retirement, David Bell uses the analogy of car design. “If you are trying to design a new model of car and put two designers in separate rooms and told one to design the front and the other to design the back, there’s a risk you’d end up with […]

Care Super and Asset Super post-merger

When CareSuper and Asset Super sat down to work out their post-merger investments, they quickly found that the two funds together had around 40 managers – and only one of them was in common. They had a common custodian, in National Australia Bank asset servicing and the same administrator, in AAS, but rationalising and then […]
Hedge Funds

First Super pulls out of News Corp

The “belligerent” attitude of News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch towards governance reform has prompted First Super to exit its investment in the global media company, the first time the fund has ever screened out any company from its portfolio. Michael O’Connor, chairman of the $1.7-billion First Super, told IM Online that the fund had been […]

Rice Warner’s Beyond Lifecycle investment approach

At the ASFA conference in late November 2012, Rice Warner launched its Beyond Lifecycle approach to investing, which uses a default dual-portfolio to address both liquidity and growth risks. Investment Magazine asked these questions of the Rice Warner Actuaries founder and chief executive. Lifecycle funds are now a familiar concept. Are you suggesting they are […]

Custody: the landscape
is changing

Pierre Jond, chair of the Australian Custodial Administration Conference (ACSA), talks about changes in the world of custody in advance of 16th Annual Investment Administration Conference, to be held at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel on February 13.

Employers part of
SuperStream too

The Stronger Super reforms needed to engage more with employers as a critical part of the superannuation industry, according to Westpac’s Emma Dobson. Dobson, the bank’s director of global transactional services and a member of the government’s SuperStream advisory council, says she believes that too much of the Stronger Super focus has been on “front […]