Super funds eye special FX

Superannuation funds are beginning to shed light on the inflated costs of poor foreign exchange execution. PHILIPPA YELLAND reports. Unsexy. It’s the word of choice for many investors when they describe trading foreign exchange (FX) efficiently. FX is a back-office beta that has long gone unwatched. But transaction fees are being dragged into the spotlight […]
Hedge Funds

Investment risks, myths headline FSC agenda

The big agenda issues for the FSC conference were ESG non-reporting, longevity unpreparedness, and market myths. Speaking at the FSC conference last month, ACSI chief executive, Ann Byrne, said 15 per cent, or 30 companies, in the S&P/ASX 200 do not report their environmental, social and governance risks. In tandem with Byrne’s comments, ACSI and […]
Investment Strategy

Ryan fights age-old prejudices

Susan Ryan is putting everyone on notice that age discrimination is prejudice. Her mission for the next five years is to expose offenders and reward those working for its eradication. Ryan, who recently became Australia’s inaugural age discrimination commissioner, had first-hand experience of prejudice early in life. As a student teacher, she became engaged to […]

Home, sweet vanishing home

Up to one-third of Australians will not be home owners when they retire. Tis Australian dream-turned-nightmare will force super funds to profoundly re-think their strategies and communications with members.
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Funds unfurl umbrellas for members

Economic and social changes are encouraging – or forcing – super funds to become more like umbrellas for their members. Australians trust some super funds far more than their banks, and baby boomers want their employers to help them prepare for retirement by providing financial education. Super funds are rated highest for quality of advice, […]