Reinventing real estate 

Fundamental changes in the way the world works, lives, shops and plays are driving global trends in real estate markets. The ground has shifted beneath the feet of real estate investors, and some of these changes have caught even the most seasoned investment professionals off-guard.

Governments are under pressure to alleviate the so-called housing crisis, and responding to the shifts in supply, demand, opportunities, and challenges will make or break the returns from this asset class for members tomorrow and for years to come.

The Investment Magazine Real Estate Forum brings together the country’s most influential asset owners, managers, analysts, consultants and policymakers to make sense of the direction of real estate markets in Australia, and around the world.

8:30am - 9:00am

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Keynote and Asset Owner Response
Explore the challenges and investment opportunities that coincide with investigating the impact of inflation and other macroeconomic factors on the real estate landscape. How have these megatrends reshaped the terrain for investors, and what adaptive strategic approaches are emerging? Within this session, Investment Magazine connects the keynote to an Australian context via a response from asset owner investors to address the fundamental changes in the global real estate market, highlighting how shifts in supply, demand, opportunities, and challenges impact investment strategies.
Fireside chat
How are investment strategies aligning with or diverging from market trends? Our keynote speaker highlights the forefront of access to alternative real estate strategies on a global stage, offering insights into offshore perspectives and investible outcomes. With a global lens, we scrutinise prevalent Build to Rent models in Europe, emphasising Australia's delayed adoption as an opportunity to draw lessons from historical events.

Covering diverse topics, we shed light on the comparative evolution of real estate assets in the dynamic demands of the life sciences sector and the front door of innovation being unlocked by real estate. Additionally, we unveil potentially overlooked alternative sectors, proving strategic for consideration, providing transformative trends and optimal macro strategies within this melting pot of opportunity for institutional investors.
Joining the stage in a fireside Q&A, We break down the opportunity of alternatives and highlight the investible outcomes of the sub-sectors and understand how institutional adoption is expanding towards matters of life and living.
10:45am - 11:15am

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Panel discussion
Will the downward adjustment of revaluations of commercial properties in Australia reach the same levels as those seen overseas? Is this a cyclical downturn or a fundamental shift? Engage in a nuanced debate supported by discussions as we explore the debate around valuations of unlisted real estate assets, and how asset owners can help meet the expectations and criticisms of regulators, members and the mainstream media. Draw lessons from the valuation practices of peers and experts and discuss the portfolio implications of troubled corners of the real estate market.
Case studies
How do institutional asset owners operate effectively in a build-to-rent market that has traditionally been largely inaccessible to them? While some may choose to go it alone, other options are emerging platforms that address the scale and continuity of investments critical for large investors, supported by government funding and encouragement. Hear from some of the players in this emerging market.

We delve into how asset owners view this space, their plans for accessing it, where they see opportunities emerging, and the expected risk-return characteristics of this emerging asset class. Within the Build to Rent discussion, we explore two leading models and showcase different funding models for investing in domestic affordable and social housing.
1:15pm - 2:30pm


Panel discussion
Is private debt a bubble? It's one of the fastest-growing areas of property financing. After all, why invest in equity when you can invest with the risk of debt and get equity-like returns? But how does private debt avoid the fundamental structural shortcomings (e.g., liquidity vs. redemptions) that we're already familiar with, for example, from the mortgage trust sector?

This session will commence with an opening Keynote to detail how these deals are structured or restructured in the current inflation and interest rate environment, analyse the impact on long-term holdings, and consider the risk/integrity of the security of the underlying assets. Through a supporting panel of experts, we will also touch on the pros and cons of domestic versus offshore funding sources and consider the risk/integrity of the underlying assets within what has been a high-growth sector for capital deployment.
Panel and table discussion
In today's final session, we'll delve into the key points surrounding data centres and their crucial role in today's investment environment.

Moving forward, our panel discussion will broaden our scope to explore various areas of interest and capital allocation within alternative investments. We'll discuss portfolio construction strategies, diversification into alternative sectors beyond data centres, and the importance of member education in navigating these investment avenues. Furthermore, we'll consider different investment models with ESG considerations, recognising their impact on investment decisions.

Following the panel discussion, we invite our audience to participate in a table discussion format. This open forum allows for audience members to pose questions and share their thoughts on the topics covered. We'll then reconvene with our panellists for a reflection session, where we'll seek clarification and further insights based on the audience's discussions.

Together, we aim to deduce the pros and cons of various alternative investment strategies, exploring their risks and relevance in today's investable markets. This collaborative exchange promises to provide valuable insights as we navigate the future frontiers of investment opportunities.
The Ritz-Carlton, Melbourne
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