Australian Bureau of Statistics

Industry View

AIST viewpoint: The facts of retirement

There can be no doubt that big data is a big part of superannuation these days. At AIST’s recent Conference of Major Superannuation Funds held last month on the Gold Coast, the potential for the mining of data to revolutionise and disrupt our industry was an ongoing theme across the conference’s 66 sessions. But when […]

The ruin-year comes closer to being revealed

A ground-breaking study into the ruin-year of drawndown account balances is being undertaken by an Australian conglomerate of academics, industry stakeholders and regulators. The ruin-year, the time in a post-retirees life when their account balance hits zero, is just one subject amongst several being researched by the consortium. Anecdotally there are contrasting stories of how […]
Investment Strategy

Super contributions down in Q2

Financial Services Council chief economist, James Bond, said the unexpected drop in superannuation contributions in the June quarter could be attributed to a loss of investor confidence in the super system as well as “leakage” of employer contributions to the self-managed superannuation sector. According to the latest quarterly data from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, […]

Helping hand for mental health

More than half of all Australian employees are now being offered access to mental health assistance through their superannuation schemes. Superfriend, the charitable organisation established to reduce the rate of suicide in the Australian population, has been front and centre in providing resources to super funds addressing mental health. The organisation recently increased its number […]