Australian Securities and Investments Commission

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Funds put product dashboard in the dark

Some super funds have incurred the displeasure of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) by putting links to their product dashboard in unobtrusive positions on their website. The product dashboard provides members with five essential facts on their Mysuper fund; the return target, actual returns, a comparison with previous returns, the level of investment […]
Investment Strategy

Election train anathema to finance industry

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the marathon election campaign which will dominate public life this year is all about delivering certainty, but the length of the campaign risks leaving the financial industry hanging on several key issues. There is no doubt the Labor government has delivered some significant financial reform: there has been Future of […]
Hedge Funds

ISN: moratorium on high frequency trading

The Industry Super Network (ISN) has called for a moratorium on high frequency trading (HFT) in Australian markets because of the potential negative impact on long-term investors. Zachary May, ISN director of regulatory policy, says HFT is on the rise in Australia and already accounts for the majority of trading in the United States. The […]