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Have financial institutions become less vulnerable to shocks?

The biggest risk to investors is not another financial system crisis but a global shock that has been underestimated. Graham Harman, investment strategist, Asia-Pacific at Russell Investments told an audience at the Paul Woolley Centre for the study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality in Sydney, that investors should be more concerned of a risk hitherto underestimated, […]
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Sunsuper finds its voice

A confident public speaker and a voice on investment trends and macroeconomic conditions, Brian Parker joined Sunsuper in the newly created post of chief economist in June, after nearly 10 years at NAB Asset Management. He explains his new role to Investment Magazine. Banks, large fund managers and governments employ chief economists, but until now it is not a common job […]
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Sunsuper considering internal candidates as CIO replacement

Sunsuper is considering a number of strong internal candidates, alongside external candidates, to replace the outgoing chief investment officer David Hartley. The investment team operating under Hartley’s leadership has expanded from two to 21 over the past 10 years and is responsible for managing $34 billion in assets. The managers who directly report to Hartley […]
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Finance companies back in favour

BlackRock has identified finance companies as the strongest sector bet in a global equities market artificially inflated by quantitative easing. Ewan Cameron Watt, chief investment strategist of the BlackRock Investment Institute, who met with investors in Australia over the past few days, has flagged the impending rise in US interest rates as boosting profit margins, […]

Large supers in shopping spree for leading consultants

Large superannuation funds’ hiring spree of leading consultants has continued with the appointment of Andrew Baker of Tria to AustralianSuper. Over the past 18 months, Richard Weatherhead and Thierry Bareau have left Rice Warner to work on the group insurance offering of AustralianSuper, while Guy McAliece has left KPMG to join First State Super in […]