Sunsuper is considering a number of strong internal candidates, alongside external candidates, to replace the outgoing chief investment officer David Hartley.

The investment team operating under Hartley’s leadership has expanded from two to 21 over the past 10 years and is responsible for managing $34 billion in assets.

The managers who directly report to Hartley are: Alastair Sloan, dynamic asset allocation; Brian Parker, chief economist; Bruce Tomlinson, hedge funds; Corrin Collocott, investment strategy, Greg Barnes, listed shares; Michael Weaver, private markets; Stuart Wilson, ESG; and Sue Berman, fixed income and currency.

Hartley’s last day in the office is August 21, however he will still be consulting and assisting with the handover/transition process to his successor until early November.

In his departure announcement Hartley praised the investment team that has grown and developed at Sunsuper.

“It has truly been a pleasure and honour to have worked alongside such a talented group of investment professionals. Investment markets always provide challenges and the team’s ability to adapt in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our members has been fabulous to observe,” Hartley said.

“After 10 years leading the team, it is time for me to move aside so that the team can step up to its next level of development. Sunsuper has seen impressive growth over the last 10 years and is well positioned to be a powerhouse in the Australian superannuation and retirement industry.”

Hartley said he plans to have a holiday to Europe in November/December and is remaining flexible to regarding anything beyond New Year.

“Although I am retiring from Sunsuper, I am not retiring from the investment industry. In fact I am not sure that I will ever be fully retired. Following a short break and some holiday travel, I expect I will look for opportunities in which I can make use of the investment expertise that I have built up over my career,” he said.

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