Profile: LGsuper’s alternatives portfolio

Since 2005/06 the $8.6 billion LGsuper fund has moved away from peer benchmarks to a low volatility, low equity asset allocation – its board has sought greater diversification within the fund. Guy Rundle, investment manager, LGsuper, talks to Investment Magazine about why the fund has faith in alternatives. The Queensland local government employee fund LGsuper […]
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Trilogy confident of acquiring Austgrowth assets

Cyre Trilogy Group says it does not like fights. The Sydney-based property-investment group says its effort to secure shareholder approval to replace APGF Management and become the entity responsible for four Austgrowth property-unit trusts is because shareholders have demanded it. A year ago Trilogy won control of six Austgrowth property funds, valued at about $45 […]
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David Hobart’s unique state of mind

For hedge fund manager David Hobart it’s all about getting one’s head in the right space. That means getting rid of “flawed and reactive” feelings that may interfere with objective investment decisions. Hobart needs to meditate, not in the conventional sense of sitting on the beach and, in his words, adopting the lotus position. What […]
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QIC talks with Chinese, Korean funds

QIC is exploring potential co-investment opportunities and business joint ventures with Chinese and Korean sovereign wealth funds. Adriaan Ryder, QIC’s chief investment officer, is in regular contact with his Asian counterparts discussing the issues of the day. The Brisbane-based fund, which has about $60.6 billion in assets under management, is also informally advising Chinese and […]
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Silicon Valley in Brisbane? Bob Christiansen says why not

Bob Christiansen spent about 23 years outside Australia helping to start companies and getting to know some of the biggest names in venture capital. When he returned to his country in 1998 it was to Brisbane. Now Christiansen backs promising Australian entrepreneurs as a managing director at Southern Cross Venture Partners, jetting to the firm’s […]
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Blue Sky Investments says few will follow its IPO

Blue Sky Alternative Investments Ltd., which raised $6.47 million in an initial public offering, says it hopes its IPO will attract foreign investors to help grow a business that now has $180 million in assets under management. The company, whose headquarters are near Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens, says it hired Debra Goundrey last year to work […]