QIC is exploring potential co-investment opportunities and business joint ventures with Chinese and Korean sovereign wealth funds.

Adriaan Ryder, QIC’s chief investment officer, is in regular contact with his Asian counterparts discussing the issues of the day. The Brisbane-based fund, which has about $60.6 billion in assets under management, is also informally advising Chinese and Korean funds on their organisational issues.

“As these funds broaden their geography and risk capital profile, QIC is very adept at advising on that,” says QIC’s chairman Peter Young.

Young would not identify what specific funds QIC was speaking with, but he acknowledged that South Korea’s National Pension Service and Korea Investment Corp, who manage about $300 billion and $37.6 billion respectively, have spoken with QIC.

“As a fund, we are very interested in expanding into various Asian markets such as China and Korea,” says Young.

2 comments on “QIC talks with Chinese, Korean funds”
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    Eva Sorrenson

    Is this a growing trend as Aussie fund managers increasingly look to partner with big international sovereign wealth funds/investors? AMP just partnered with a big Japanese bank to grow their biz o/s, whose next?

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    Lachlan Barnes

    A good strategy by QIC

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