Investment Strategy

Investit: sell more of what you’re good at

The most successful Australian asset managers are those who manage their cost-to-income ratios at 55 per cent or less, according to a survey by consultants Investit. Australian asset managers are among some of the best run fund-management businesses in the world and for a short-time may enjoy not having to take into account new regulations […]
Investment Strategy

Macfarlane ignores most business reporting

Ian Macfarlane is content to ignore most business reporting. The former Reserve Bank of Australia governor did, however, read the work of six or so economic reporters. “We talked to the press who had a long-standing commitment to the beat,” says Macfarlane. “Part of your job is getting your message out to the wider public.” […]
Investment Strategy

QIC talks with Chinese, Korean funds

QIC is exploring potential co-investment opportunities and business joint ventures with Chinese and Korean sovereign wealth funds. Adriaan Ryder, QIC’s chief investment officer, is in regular contact with his Asian counterparts discussing the issues of the day. The Brisbane-based fund, which has about $60.6 billion in assets under management, is also informally advising Chinese and […]