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Mine Wealth + Wellbeing doubles investment team

The $9.3 billion Mine Wealth + Wellbeing fund is increasing its Sydney-based investment team from five to 11, partly in a bid to allocate alternative assets more effectively and to build its retirement options. David Bell, chief investment officer of the fund, has spent the past year making the business case for the expansion, and […]
Hedge Funds

Letter to the editor from Brad Holzberger

I read with interest David Rowley’s column on 26 October entitled “Selling Lifecycle”. David referred to me as an advocate of lifecycle investing for default accumulation funds, using the terms “evangelical” and “faith”. I actually fully support the conclusion of David’s column but would take a bit of exception to those two terms. They have […]
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Why CIOs have it tough

To be a long term successful chief investment officer in a major super fund you need to excel in at least three major skill areas: investment management, people leadership not just management, and excellent stakeholder and communications skills. A fourth skill could be managing increasing complexity. Expectations for all these areas have grown as AUM […]
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Incentivising in-house investment teams

In-house investment teams are in the ascendancy in fund management. Scott Bunny and John Apthorp of recruitment firm B & K Consulting look into the future and ask if the rewards will satisfy these teams. The debate on in-house management has tended to focus on the costs of external managers and internal teams. This has […]