Investment Strategy

CareSuper gets defensive

CareSuper has awarded two $100-million mandates to GMO and Wellington in an effort to shift its absolute return portfolio to a more defensive position. The $7.7-billion fund has awarded just over $100 million to the GMO Multi-Strategy Trust and just under $100 million to the Wellington Global Total Return Fund in the past month, according […]
Investment Strategy

“Outcome-oriented” investment solutions

An environment of low prospective investment returns and relatively high volatility demands more refined, “outcome-oriented” investment solutions, according to the global chief investment officer of Russell Investments, Pete Gunning. Institutional investors and financial planning firms, Gunning says, need to have at their disposal a far wider range of investment options – “componentry”, in Russell’s terms […]
Hedge Funds

Linked in: the perks and pitfalls of running ILBs

Inflation is coming, and with commodity prices and property valuations in decline, some investors are allocating to inflation-linked bonds, which are built to outperform once economic growth is hit and real yields fall. But ‘linkers’ carry illiquidity and volatility risks that can undermine their appeal. How should superannuation funds approach these assets? SIMON MUMME reports. […]