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Longer life means more, different work

Employers face new and mounting occupational health and safety risks as more Australians choose to work long into their 60s, according to Talent2 director Peter George. Speaking at the AIST Superannuation Administration Symposium in Melbourne on Thursday, George said an ageing workforce presented both opportunities and challenges for organisations that needed to be more flexible, […]
Investment Strategy

Segmenting member investments

QSuper has begun segmenting member investments according to age and account balances, in what it is heralding as the end of an era of one-size-fits-all default funds. Rosemary Vilgan, chief executive of QSuper, believes this approach matches best practice globally, meets new higher duty of care standards for MySuper and is being closely looked at […]
Investment Strategy

Insourcing, outsourcing costs not too different

Australian asset managers who manage about $500 billion say there is little difference in the cost between managing front to back office operations internally and outsourcing such functions, says SimCorp. SimCorp, which provides investment and portfolio management software, says it surveyed 40 organisations including investment managers and software companies and found that many asset managers […]
Investment Strategy

Phil Kearns has some advice (Corrected)*

This article was corrected November 11. Phil Kearns, the former Australian rugby union captain, has some advice on how a team within a corporation should work. The World Cup winner is a managing director in corporate finance at Investec Bank (Australia) Ltd..* Kearns says everyone should play the role that is required of them.