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How do Asian stock market indices compare?

There has been increasing demand for equity indices in Asia. This is because global investors want to benefit from the region’s growth, and consequently from its financial markets. As many US and Europe-based investors do not have the expertise to conduct stock picking in Asia, equity investments are often passive for Asian-oriented portfolios. Therefore, the […]
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Three ways to better manage non-financial risk

The recent financial crisis shed light on a number of new sources of risk. On the one hand there was the extreme correlation between the real estate mortgage and equity markets, and on the other hand the extreme price sensitivity of all assets to the counterparty and liquidity risks of the financial system with respect […]
Hedge Funds

Optimal asset allocation for sovereign wealth funds

In research conducted at EDHEC-Risk Institute as part of the research chair on asset liability management (ALM) techniques for sovereign wealth funds (SWF) management supported by Deutsche Bank, we propose a quantitative dynamic asset allocation framework for sovereign wealth funds, modelled as large long-term investors that manage fluctuating revenues typically emanating from budget or trade […]