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Beware the gold rush to ESG

Billions of dollars are flowing into sustainable investments in what is being touted in the industry as the gold rush of ESG, but not all funds or strategies are created equal.

How to tackle aggressive insurance litigation

Fund executive and lawyer David Galloway proposes a method for how funds should manage lawyers who launch insurance litigation before there’s anything to argue about. Lawyers who get involved in death and disablement claims tend to fall into two categories. The largest is where the lawyer advises their client well, ensures a rapid flow of […]
Investment Strategy

First State, State Super talking with Nick Greiner

First State Super and State Super, who together manage about $60 billion, are talking about the potential of investing in New South Wales infrastructure, says Nick Greiner, chairman of Infrastructure NSW. “The question is: how do you get superannuation funds to be early stage infrastructure investors,” says Greiner, who was NSW Premier between 1988 and […]