Policy and Regulation

APRA must stand alone

It may have gone unnoticed by many, but Friday 26 June 2015 was a highly unusual day in the history of superannuation legislation and our parliamentary process. On the same day that the government released exposure draft legislation to change governance arrangements in superannuation for public consultation, APRA wrote to RSE licensees to outline its […]

Challenger enters pole position for CIPR

Link Group has signed a strategic alliance with Challenger to make annuity products more easily accessible to members, in one of Link’s first moves to use its new found scale to benefit clients. Link Group’s Australian Administration Services (AAS) has pledged to make guaranteed retirement income products available on its contemporary aaspire administrative platform by […]

VicSuper gets into bed with Challenger

VicSuper claims to have launched Australia’s first ever public offer comprehensive income product for retirement (CIPR) in partnership with annuity provider Challenger. The offer combines a pension product created by VicSuper’s in-house team with a flexible guaranteed fixed income product from Challenger created after feedback from VicSuper members. VicSuper currently has 20 per cent of […]

New rights for consumers will change investment choices in super

The right to corporate responsibility and the right to privacy for the consumer could join the four foundational consumer rights in law and policy globally. Addressing a room filled with some of the best from the superannuation sector Jenni Mack, founder of consumer advocacy group the Superannuation Consumers Centre, said fund members will increasingly demand […]

Post-retirement: What we don’t know

It has been morbidly quipped that ‘post-retirement’ refers to the dead, as that is what lies next for retirees. Of course, what post-retirement really refers to is the time after someone switches their income from a salary to a financial service product, typically in the form of a pension or drawing down a lump sum. […]

Reducing the cost of longevity insurance

Paul McCartney was only 16 years old when he wrote “when I’m 64” in 1958, so can be excused for taking a pessimistic view of what we now regard as an active phase of life during which many of us will still be working by choice. Still, median life expectancy from birth was not quite […]