Industry View

AIST viewpoint: The facts of retirement

There can be no doubt that big data is a big part of superannuation these days. At AIST’s recent Conference of Major Superannuation Funds held last month on the Gold Coast, the potential for the mining of data to revolutionise and disrupt our industry was an ongoing theme across the conference’s 66 sessions. But when […]
Industry View

AIST viewpoint: Ensuring super is on the right track

One of the more sensible recommendations from David Murray’s Financial System Inquiry is to enshrine the purpose of superannuation in legislation. Despite our compulsory super system having been around for more than 20 years, there is still no clear consensus on the key objective of super. There is a broad understanding that super is about funding retirement, but to what extent is it meant […]

Diverse partnerships likely in retirement product development

An increase in diverse partnerships with financial service providers is likely as super funds attempt to develop attractive post-retirement products, the Post-Retirement Conference heard. These partnerships will likely include fund managers, insurers and investment banks as well as larger funds offering products to smaller funds. Nicolette Rubinsztein, general manager of retirement and advocacy at Colonial […]
Policy and Regulation

FSI committee member urges funds to look beyond final report

Funds that don’t look beyond the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) will fail to create successful post-retirement products believes FSI committee member Professor Kevin Davis. The design of products not only needs to take changes to regulation into account – as yet an unknown variable – but the whole of life after retirement, according to Davis. […]