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Trend of investing in members’ industries continues with Media Super

Media Super has invested $60 million into local film and television production, doubling its previous allocation of $30 million. This move continues a growing trend among super funds to seek to invest in industries aligned with their membership: NGS Super has been exploring funding preschools; Cbus has been looking into affordable housing; and HESTA has […]
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Cost of Stronger Super leads to Media Super cutting CIO role

The cost of Stronger Super compliance and product development has led Media Super to cut the role of chief investment officer. Jon Glass left the fund on Monday and the responsibility for the $3.8 billion investment portfolio will be assumed by chief executive Graeme Russell, who in his time at First Super also acted as […]
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Super funds reveal merger motivations

Building scale and operational capability, and new regulations are driving the desire for more superannuation fund mergers, according to a recent report by State Street. The paper, ‘Super fund mergers: Benefits, challenges and keys for success’ features a roundtable debate with representatives from institutional super funds Prime Super, AustralianSuper and Media Super, and is contained […]
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Media Super wary of SMSF grab

Retail advisers placing clients into self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) have come under fire from Media Super chief executive Graeme Russell. In his first week on the job, Russell told IM that industry funds are seeing members being rolled out into SMSFs despite meagre savings, and industry has to take note. “Every fund’s seeing people being […]