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Hedge funds retain their value proposition

A world-leading professor of finance has argued that hedge funds have retained a positive value proposition in the wake of the GFC. Professor Stephen Brown of NYU Stern School of Business also told attendees at a Centre for International Finance and Regulation seminar in Sydney this morning that operational due diligence can add 250bps per […]
Hedge Funds

Domestic hedge funds on the rise

The amount of risk taken by Australian based hedge funds has risen steadily over the past four years, according to ASIC’s 2014 hedge fund survey. The median gross leverage ratio of hedge funds has increased from 1.7 times NAV in 2012 to 2 times NAV in 2014 – ASIC says it is watching this figure […]

Hedge funds: sheep in wolves’ clothing

Hedge funds are sheep in wolves’ clothing, they are claiming their returns to be alpha, but a large part of it is driven by beta, Narayan Naik, professor of finance, London Business School told delegates at an investment think-tank in London this month. The good news, Naik says, is a new era has dawned in […]
Hedge Funds

Universal hedge fund standards in sight: David Neal

Institutional investors are reaching tipping point in persuading hedge funds to adopt customer focused practices, David Neal, chief executive of the Future Fund, told a meeting of  investors in Melbourne last week. If enough hedge fund managers sign up to the Hedge Fund Standards Board then such service will become the norm, believes Neal. Most […]
Hedge Funds

Investors demystify hedge funds

Institutional investors are shrewder purchasers of absolute return managers as their ability to identify risk-premia to match their portfolios improves. This was a common theme to conversations at the 8th annual Conexus Financial Absolute Returns conference in Sydney, at which representatives of the US and European based hedge fund managers Elementum Advisors, 36 South, GAM, […]
Hedge Funds

Future Fund’s explains strategic use of FOHFs

The Future Fund is using hedge fund of funds as alternative solution providers rather than as an access vehicle, delegates heard at the Absolute Returns Conference in Sydney. David George, head of debt and alternatives at the Future Fund, revealed how in some instances he was using fund of funds to help with risk systems […]