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LGS strengthens ESG suit with Hermes mandate

Hermes Fund Managers has been awarded a $90-million environmental, social and governance mandate by Local Government Super for a developed-world equities fund. Hermes director, Ian Manton-Hall, told IM Online that the fund was similar to another of the firm’s funds for core investor, the BT Pension Scheme, but with some particular overlays specifically for Local […]
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Rethink remuneration

Institutional investors around the world have been lobbying for the right to have a say on pay, a right to have an input into the remuneration of the executives in the companies they invest in. In June the UK’s business secretary, Vince Cable, laid out new plans that will give shareholders three-yearly votes on executive […]
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Global Dialogue spurs pension-fund collaboration

Geoff Mellor, chief executive of the £20-billion UK fund Coal Pension Trustees (CPT), used his opening words to ask why the audience of Australian superannuation bosses were still in the room. “Do you feel that travelling half-way around the world, sitting in a conference venue and listening to serial speakers is a better use of your time than […]