2020’s biggest stories in superannuation

The top 10 most read Investment Magazine stories for 2020 paint a picture of adaption in a crisis, creative thinking in dislocated uncertain financial markets, testing of business models and continuing consolidation amid a shrinking number of funds responsible for an increasing pool of assets.

Peer group risk: The industry’s worst kept secret

Some funds are open and acknowledge their peer group focus, espousing that industry awards and new members are won through a competitive process and performance relative to peers needs to be actively managed. For other super funds, peer group risk management is undertaken behind closed doors, David Bell writes.
CIO profiles

HESTA’s investment overhaul

Sonya Sawtell-Rickson is half way through her three-year plan to restructure the fund's investment function. She's buying more private assets, kicked off internalisation plans and sold equities ahead of the market rout.