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The glass jar and the black box

For most of January, myself and my colleague Dan Purves compiled a survey of the pay disclosure of superannuation CEOs, CIOs and chairs. It would have been an easier job if funds had not often placed this information in the darkest recesses of their websites. Such secrecy partly explains why the subsequent articles have been […]

End of year quiz: match the slogan to the super fund

Super funds were warned by Tom Garcia, chief executive of AIST, that they “must build their brand or die”, when speaking at the CMSF conference on the Gold Coast back in March. And yet, only a few industry funds have responded in 2014. In researching the following quiz, we found all retail funds had clear, […]
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AIST viewpoint: $77bn still paying commission

The long-awaited release of MySuper data by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority has revealed some interesting numbers that must not be ignored. The data – contained in the first of an ongoing quarterly APRA report on the MySuper landscape – includes a range of new information on the 116 MySuper products. The report provides an […]