Super funds were warned by Tom Garcia, chief executive of AIST, that they “must build their brand or die”, when speaking at the CMSF conference on the Gold Coast back in March.

And yet, only a few industry funds have responded in 2014. In researching the following quiz, we found all retail funds had clear, if a touch simple, messaging and slogans, while many industry funds had none at all.

Working with all the slogans that are out there, we thought it would be interesting to see how many of you can reconcile the following brand slogans and advertising catch lines from the leading superannuation funds. The answers appear at the bottom of the page. No peeking!

Industry funds (choose from Energy Industry Superannuation Scheme, First State Super, Hostplus, LUCRF, Media Super, NGS Super, QSuper, Statewide Super, Sunsuper)

a)   For those who understand the true meaning of wealth

b)   Super for creative people

c)   The power of a good fund

d)   Join the super fund with a heart

e)   Whatever your dreams, xxx super can make them come true

f)    Australia’s first industry fund

g)   Togetherness, that’s a plus

h)   Trust the local

i)   Growing your super together


Retail super (pick from AMP, ANZ, BT, Commonwealth and NAB)

a)   A superannuation fund for life will change the way you look at super.

b)   xxx Super and your everyday banking working together.

c)   Super that keeps up with your changing needs

d)   Wherever you are in life, xxx can help you build a better retirement.

e)   A low-fee super fund that sits right alongside your other money.





Retail funds a) BT b) ANZ c) AMP d) NAB/ MLC e) Commonwealth

Industry funds a) NGS Super b) Media Super c) Energy Industry Super Scheme d) First State Super e) Sunsuper f) LUCRF g) HOSTPLUS h) Statewide Super i) Qsuper





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