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Funds hungry for infrastructure

Fiscally challenged Australian governments wishing to maintain credit ratings and increase their cost of capital should consider the untapped resource of superannuation funds, said industry funds offering up to $15 billion for investment over 15 years. A range of government-owned infrastructure assets could be monetised to industry funds, argues a new paper released by Industry […]
Hedge Funds

ISN: moratorium on high frequency trading

The Industry Super Network (ISN) has called for a moratorium on high frequency trading (HFT) in Australian markets because of the potential negative impact on long-term investors. Zachary May, ISN director of regulatory policy, says HFT is on the rise in Australia and already accounts for the majority of trading in the United States. The […]
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Industry bodies in spat over governance

The Industry Super Network (ISN) and the Financial Services Council (FSC) are at loggerheads over FSC draft governance guidelines on the definition of independent directors on super funds operated by banks and insurers. ISN chief executive David Whiteley has told I&T news in a telephone interview that the FSC regulations, which he claims would allow […]