MySuper: cause and effect

Ross Jones, deputy chairman of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, has an unswerving belief in the good that MySuper is bringing. Finding others who agree with him is hard. Leading industry figures spoken to for this article take a more jaundiced view. They say, if anything, compliance has held up funds’ plans to innovate and bring […]

Is governance keeping up with financial innovation?

AustralianSuper’s aspiration to move 30 per cent of its assets inhouse has prompted a review of its governance environment to ensure it can accommodate those internal investments. The fund attributes about 86 per cent of its risk to portfolio strategy, investment operations, strategy and asset allocation, according to head of investment operations, Peter Curtis, and […]


Where They Come From and How To Cultivate Them It has often been said in recent months that one benefit from the global financial crisis is that funds managers and investment banks will not be vacuuming up the best brains in the world in future; they will be left to pursue more worthwhile endeavours such […]