Policy and Regulation

Real and shadow treasurers think the same

The Liberal and Labor parties have both resisted pressure to pass on Australian infrastructure projects direct to superannuation funds. At a Financial Services Council meeting in Sydney last Friday, Treasurer Chris Bowen was asked by a superannuation representative if he would facilitate such investment. He was emphatic in his response: “I have never supported mandating […]

How to trust a trustee

Magazine editors from time immemorial have used the simple device of listing 10 things – 10 ways to lose weight, to pay off mortgages, achieve better orgasms, discover the best ciders, harness the real you, and so on – simply to keep readers from dozing off and tuning out. Whether there’s any science to it, […]

Board independence under Q&A microscope

Not unlike a typical edition of ABC’s Q&A, host Tony Jones moderated a robust discussion on yesterday’s Super Q&A panel. Opening CMSF 2013, the panel debated a potential leadership spill in Labor, super reform fatigue and executive pay disclosure. Perhaps most controversial was the debate on equal representation on boards, with Garry Weaven, chair of […]