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QSuper reveals its next challenges

If MySuper were not complicated enough, then QSuper went one further with eight cohort strategies to meet member needs. Rosermary Vilgan, the fund’s CEO explains why the fund is still evolving. The evolution of QSuper is not slowing down. There might be rivals wishing that were not so, or potentially those who have to implement […]
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Super funds struggle to engage members

The statistics speak for themselves. More than half of Australia’s superannuation members are not engaged. Eighty per cent go into their super’s default investment option at sign up – and stay there. Funds are constantly looking for new ways to get members more involved with their super. They spend significant time and resources developing communications […]
Investment Strategy

QSuper: champion of cohorts

Breaking the orthodoxy on how to invest default members might seem a risky career move, but Brad Holzberger is not showing any fear. “I do not feel under threat. We have the leadership of our senior management, the support and encouragement of the trustees. If I felt under threat, there is no way we could […]