Investment Strategy

Simple steps to increase gender diversity

Changing the way in which job adverts are written and requiring search firms to include relevant female candidates have been recommended to increase gender diversity in the investment industry. Heather Brilliant, CFA board member and chief executive of Morningstar Australia, told attendees at the CFA Societies’ Australia Investment Conference in Sydney, that single sex investment […]
Hedge Funds

CFA: lack of transparency harming fund managers

The 50 per cent of Australian funds that disclose holdings on a regular basis stand to gain from the growing priority investors place on transparency and open business practices, according to the chief executive of Morningstar Australia. Heather Brilliant, whose background is in equity analysis in the USA, believes such practices should be a hygiene […]
Hedge Funds

Is a Hippocratic oath for fund managers required?

Restoring trust in the funds management industry, through improved personal integrity, is mutually beneficial to the end investor and to funds management firms, a panel of industry participants said at a CFA Society lunch yesterday, launching the “Putting the Investor First” week. Investor First Week is part of CFA Institute’s global Future of Finance […]
Investment Strategy

ASIC guidelines on advertising MySuper

The culture of performance and fee comparison that the MySuper product dashboard will bring about in the coming years, poses a grand opportunity for funds to advertise their relative successes. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission is closely watching for any misleading product comparisons, it would prefer if funds did not emphasise short term performance […]