FEAL Annual Conference

Jack Gray: responsible investment debate censored

Responsible investment is dominated by political correctness and is being pushed through by super funds with too little debate, according to Jack Gray, adjunct professor of finance at the Paul Woolley Centre for Capital Markets Dysfunctionality at the University of Technology Sydney. Talking to the annual Fund Executive Association Limited National Conference in Melbourne, Gray […]

How to trust a trustee

Magazine editors from time immemorial have used the simple device of listing 10 things – 10 ways to lose weight, to pay off mortgages, achieve better orgasms, discover the best ciders, harness the real you, and so on – simply to keep readers from dozing off and tuning out. Whether there’s any science to it, […]

Shorten shares delegates outrage at independents

The attempt to force industry funds to have independent trustees is a “frustrated-student political resolutions masquerading as long-term policy”, Minister Bill Shorten told delegates at CMSF. Veering from his speech in praise of Labor’s record of creating and maintaining superannuation to answer a question from a delegate, the minister for financial services and superannuation told […]