John Howard is enjoying life after politics. But he keeps his investments close to his chest.

Your correspondent caught up with the former member for Bennelong on the Gold Coast.

Asked which fund managers he likes, Howard declined to name a firm or a person. He says he “won’t get into” where he invests his money.

Asked what advice he would give Australian investors Howard simply says, “keep doing it”.

Despite his pithy answers Howard was relaxed and gregarious delivering a speech at the Financial Services Council’s annual conference. The FSC declined to say how much they paid the former Prime Minister to speak at the conference.

“I’m an unreliable political witness,” says Howard. But he says there will not be another global recession.

He is a climate change sceptic.

“On the whole issue of global warming I’m agnostic. I’m not sure,” says Howard.

Howard says China’s government will have to give political freedom to its citizens.

“There has to come a time when the Chinese population, who have enjoyed growing economic freedom, will want political freedom,” he says.

In 50 years India could become a more powerful country than China, says Howard.

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