Trustee of the year takes swipe at APRA

The winner of the trustee of the year award used his acceptance speech to take a swipe at over-regulation, which he said only served to make his duties harder. Gary Clifford, trustee director of the Fire and Energy Services Superannuation Fund, whose colleagues knew he was receiving the award but had not told him, said […]
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Middle offices suffer underinvestment: Omgeo

I&T News talks to Tony Freeman, head of global industry relations for Omgeo, about regulation, cross-border trade, underinvestment in middle offices and the Australian market. To find out more about administrative issues at Conexus Financial’s Investment Administration Conference, click here.
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Sim Corp: transparency pressures building

Pressure from regulators and investors on asset-management companies to improve the transparency of their reporting will only increase, says Peter Hertel, an executive at financial software company Sim Corp. “There is pressure to provide information to investors as if they have invested directly,” says Hertel. Many investors, including Australian superannuation funds, invest in pooled groups […]
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Super funds must change, says Tria

Superannuation funds are under pressure as investor behaviour changes, particularly because of technology, says Andrew Baker, managing partner at asset management consultants Tria Investment Partners. “Business models of super funds are under a lot of pressure and the degree to which they are has probably been underestimated,” says Baker. “Regulatory changes and markets have been […]
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Super funds seek J. P. Morgan advice

When Robert Bedwell was talking to J. P. Morgan Chase about a new job that would help manage relationships with the bank’s biggest asset management customers, he was concerned that he would not get the cooperation of the 1,400 people in Australia and New Zealand working for the company. Bedwell fears have not been realised. […]
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JPMorgan treasury services calls in its bankers

Superannuation funds and asset managers want advice on derivatives, investments in Asia, mergers and regulatory changes and JPMorgan has four bankers servicing such needs, says Robert Bedwell, a managing director at JPMorgan. Bedwell says his colleagues have been asked over the last 18 months about how changes in US law may affect their investments.  JPMorgan […]
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Aon says MySuper pricing proposal may discriminate

Aon Corp. the risk manager, insurer and re-insurer, says if the regulator and government insist on imposing a single price for investing in a MySuper fund it will discriminate against older people. “If the fund has to charge all members the same investment management fee then older members would be subsidising younger members in the […]

De-regulation: the unlikely saviour of governance

De-regulation, not regulation, and less of a focus on independence within boards could be the answer to governance concerns that have arisen from the financial crisis, a Professor of finance from The University of Queensland argues in a new book published by SimCorp Strategy Lab. Renee Adams, Professor of finance at UQ Business School in […]