DisabilityCare Australia is not income replacement

Group insurers need to understand the provision of the national disability insurance scheme and how it differs to their offerings, says Dr Ken Baker, chief executive officer of the National Disability Service. “I think it’s important that the group insurers understand in what sense this is an insurance scheme and what sense it isn’t. “This […]
Hedge Funds

Super funds struggle to engage members

The statistics speak for themselves. More than half of Australia’s superannuation members are not engaged. Eighty per cent go into their super’s default investment option at sign up – and stay there. Funds are constantly looking for new ways to get members more involved with their super. They spend significant time and resources developing communications […]
Policy and Regulation

Who will replace Ross Jones?

The date July 1, 2013 is a significant one for the superannuation industry in Australia for a couple of reasons. While it marks the commencement of Stronger Super, it also sees the departure of the man who has overseen its inception. About a week and a half ago, it was announced by the deputy prime […]
Investment Strategy

Craig Hobart resigns from Tyndall

Craig Hobart will resign from Tyndall Investment Management on April 1 and will be replaced as managing director of the $22 billion asset manager by Mike Davis. Hobart is leaving Tyndall after two years in which he oversaw the sale of the asset-management business to Nikko Asset Management and its integration into the Tokyo-based company. […]