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Winners keep pace

An ability to embrace change and find new and innovative ways of operating has never been a more important attribute for leaders in the superannuation industry.
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Super funds call for intermediaries to innovate in impact investing

The need for intermediaries to innovate to bring scale was a common theme running through institutional investors’ presentations at the inaugural Impact Investment Summit in Sydney during the closing days of October. The Impact Investment Summit in Sydney brought together more than 80 international and domestic speakers, including entrepreneurs backed by Bill Gates, George Soros and Ebay […]
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What CIOs want from fund managers

The fourth annual Investment Magazine CIO Sentiment Survey created by Casey Quirk and run in conjunction with has gained the feedback of 29 chief investment officers and heads of investment locally. This industry-leading insight into the working practices of the largest funds in Australia is part of a global survey of institutional investors. Superannuation […]
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First State Super’s fintech investment manages risk of bank exposure

Fintech venture capital is being used by First State Super to manage risk towards its large exposure to traditional financial services. Australian superannuation has a significant concentration to financial services through its exposure to big banks and other financial institutions – an area that is a likely target for disruptive business models given the size […]
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UniSuper’s John Pearce receives biggest bonus

John Pearce received the biggest bonus for a chief investment officer of a large super fund with a payout of $653,586, equivalent to 97.6 per cent of his base salary and super package, in the financial year 2014/15. The bonus size reflects Pearce’s engagement in a number of in-house functions not performed by, or to […]
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Thinking in PPPs could be used to attract super funds to social bonds

The government has been urged to use the same thinking with social bonds as it does with public–private partnerships (PPPs) to attract investments from super funds. Richard Brandweiner, chief investment officer of First State Super, said the government recognises that they need to share risk in order to attract money for greenfield infrastructure projects and that […]
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AustralianSuper achieves 9 bps cost for internal equities

AustralianSuper has achieved costs of only 9 basis points on its internally run domestic equities portfolio, two years after it first launched. In a presentation on internal management at AIST ASI on the Gold Coast, Peter Curtis, head of investment operations at the $90 billion fund, told how this figure would decrease once the global […]