Policy and Regulation

Sherry warns of SMSF risk

The licensing of accountants to provide advice to SMSFs will help counter to the unreasonable leakage of superannuation members from funds, according to Nick Sherry, consultant at Citi. “There are far too many SMSFs that are sub-economic, that the operational costs cannot be justified. I see a level of mis-selling around property investment and I […]
Investment Strategy

Super future: SMSF clones, partners

Superannuation funds wishing to stem the self-managed super fund tide should be offering product look-alikes or partnering with financial institutions providing SMSF services, says Russell Mason, Deloitte partner in superannuation. With close to 1 million Australians directing their money to SMSFs, Mason says projections based on today’s activity sees up to three-quarters of the post-retirement-market […]

Industry funds deny low-cost status

Industry funds will not own the low-cost space post-Stronger Super and the industry should be prepared for the influx of bespoke products like SMSFs and individually managed accounts (IMAs), said Paul Watson, executive manager of member choice and advice at Hostplus. Speaking at last week’s Post-Retirement Conference, held by Conexus Financial in association with AIST, […]
Industry View

SMSFs need to
pay their share

In recent times we’ve heard a lot about the need for greater accountability and transparency in our superannuation system. With mandatory super contributions to be lifted from 9 to 12 per cent of wages and a global focus on governance in the wake of the global financial crisis, super funds are – quite rightly – having to […]