Investment Strategy

Oversight lacking in fund outsourcing

Asset managers have outsourced a lot of functions but in many cases have not gleaned the efficiencies they had hoped, says Geoff Hodge, chief executive of financial software firm Milestone Group. “Outsourcing takes more resources than initially thought,” says Hodge. “Some fund managers thought they had outsourced 100 people but have found they have got […]
Investment Strategy

Steve Grob likens HFT to spoon feeding

Steve Grob likens high frequency trading to being spoon fed a meal in a restaurant. The kitchen has to cook each spoonful of food before it can be served but “insists on getting paid before he gives you more food,” says the director of group strategy at Fidessa. “Love it, hate it, HFT is here […]
Investment Strategy

Insourcing, outsourcing costs not too different

Australian asset managers who manage about $500 billion say there is little difference in the cost between managing front to back office operations internally and outsourcing such functions, says SimCorp. SimCorp, which provides investment and portfolio management software, says it surveyed 40 organisations including investment managers and software companies and found that many asset managers […]