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Online service most highly rated

HESTA was the top-scoring fund in a survey of member-satisfaction levels carried out by CoreData Consulting, which has highlighted the need for more tailored member communications. Four out of five members (79.5 per cent) surveyed said they were satisfied with HESTA, compared to an average rating of 62 per cent for all funds after respondents were […]

Super fraud on the rise

Payment interception by male internal staff in non-management positions represents the biggest risk of fraud for superannuation funds, KPMG’s biennial fraud survey has revealed. The profile was created from a survey of 281 financial services organisations who had detected $372.7m worth of fraud in the last two years. Three quarters of this fraud was committed […]
Hedge Funds

Investment Magazine Chief Investment Officer Survey

We’re launching the Investment Magazine Chief Investment Officer Survey (imCIOS). imCIOS will look at the investment allocations, teams, outlook and decision-making of Australia’s institutional investors. It will be the basis of an ongoing analysis of this sector, measuring the sentiment, investment outlook and behaviours of these investors. To achieve this, we need your input. We ask […]
CIO profiles

CIOs negative about bonds, positive on stocks

Chief investment officers surveyed by the Financial Services Council are negative about the prospects of international and Australian bonds, but are positive about stocks. The CIOs are also upbeat about Australian property investment but down on real estate overseas. Europe’s sovereign debt crisis is the biggest risk to investors this year, the survey reports. China’s […]