MLC Life Insurance has launched a pilot of Wysa Assure, an AI-based mental health support application, in partnership with Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions.

The application is built on cognitive behavioural therapy principles, and prioritises user anonymity, in compliance with data protection laws, to encourage customers to feel comfortable opening up.

Wysa Assure also integrates self-care modules, MLC’s Vivo support networks, and Swiss Re’s risk expertise and proprietary wellbeing scoring system. Built-in crisis escalation pathways to human care can be triggered during AI conversation with the user, or by the user selecting an SOS feature. This innovative approach fosters proactive mental wellbeing management.

A new Wysa report shows that one out of three working-age Australians is dealing with moderate to severe depression or anxiety. Alarmingly, 46 per cent of these individuals have not sought support due to embarrassment, perceived cost, or difficulty in recognising their own needs.

Insurers are also increasingly helping improve customers’ mental resilience, according to the Swiss Re Institute’s 2022 consumer survey. A third of the surveyed participants experienced a decline in mental health, with 64 per cent of people in emerging markets seeking mental health assistance during this period.

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